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Pilates Training Helps People Loss Weight

Woman doing Pilates exercises at home.
What is Pilates? Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, and was originally intended for rehabilitation. The first ones to benefit from it were injured soldiers returning from war, and dancers.

It is a resistance exercise and, unlike gym workouts where they either focus on one area of the body or you gain bulkiness of the muscles, it is a non-cardio exercise where you don’t build body mass, but you get as many benefits from the regimen. In fact, you get faster results than other workout routines.

It is a total-body workout that is more focused on developing flexibility, strengthening the core, and toning the muscles. You can do this either on the floor or on a mat, and it is done by doing one position at a time using correct posture, proper breathing, body coordination, and precision. There is no repetition for every position, which guarantees that all parts of the body benefit from the workout.

Who Does Pilates?

Many people have been using Pilates since World War I, but it has gained back its popularity because of the many stars who started introducing its benefits, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and more. However, it is not only limited to the stars; it is intended for everyone. Few may know it, but a lot of successful athletes turn to Pilates Training. Focusing on their core muscles increases their strength, endurance, and muscle control. And since its main goal is to strengthen the back, particularly the lower back area, athletes are given more flexibility and agility to do difficult moves.

Our senior citizens, as long as they have their physician’s approval, may also perform it. In fact, it can greatly help them with their back pain, arthritis, and even osteoporosis problems. It can improve their balance, muscle tone, and stamina.

Pilates and Losing Weight

Pilates is not only good for strengthening core muscles and gaining flexibility and stamina, but it can also help lose weight. This is one factor that has lured millions to adopt it as a regular exercise regimen. It can burn calories faster because of the intense precision it puts on to your body. You get muscle control and concentration making no body part left behind on its own.

It is safe, easy, and efficient. It can even be good for pregnant women who want to control their weight gain, as well as with women who just gave birth and want to lose excess fat from their pregnancy with a post natal training program. Those who are obese, with heart ailments, and those who can not perform strenuous exercises may also benefit from this holistic regimen.

How Pilates Helps You Lose Weight

Pilates Training is built within three exercise goals; to use more muscles, to enhance or to correct the posture, and to craft the core. The more muscles we use the more calories are burned to create energy.  And since this regimen is a resistance exercise, your muscles are shaped to have more strength, thus forcing your metabolism to go faster to burn more calories.

Having proper posture makes you look thinner. This regimen puts emphases on strengthening the back, which can improve blood circulation, immune system, and your metabolism. Likewise, sitting up or standing straight may also make you look thinner.

If you are looking for flat abs, then this exercise regimen is best for you. It is focused on core strength, which makes you perform proper breathing and correct abdominal contractions. Strong abdominal muscles can improve balance, coordination, and boost strength. It can even help you with bowel problems and diet control.

In Pilates Training, however, it is important that before you do any of their exercise positions you seek help from a certified Pilates Trainer. There are certain positions that need to be guided into doing it correctly with the right balance, posture, and breathing in order to prevent injury and to help you gain success.

Your Pilates Trainers can provide for you the right exercise map that you can follow from beginner to advanced level. It is not required to always have them with you when you do it, but it is important that you are helped to familiarize yourself with the “how to” sequences, proper breathing and positioning, and time frame per position.

Your Pilates trainers may also help you do difficult advanced exercises, such as using tools like Pilates springs and bands, Maxi balls, core boards, Pilates rings and tubes, and ISO balls. Using these items needs proper guidance to get maximum results. Furthermore, they can adjust to their clients' busy schedules, personalize the routines, and give tremendous encouragement and discipline to continue the program.

Pilates is a holistic exercise that has many health benefits. Anyone can do it. It is a fun, fulfilling, and a result-oriented exercise program that can improve not just a person’s physical aspect, but their state of mind and confidence, as well.

Elizabeth Crutchfield
NYC Personal Trainers

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